The L.A. Model’s Guide to Los Angeles

When you think of Los Angeles, surfing and celebrities may be the first two things that come to mind. Although you’re not wrong, Los Angeles is truly a melting pot of unique food, culture, activities, and spots to explore. L.A. provides the rare opportunity to have just about everything at your fingertips – from beaches to mountains, music festivals to chic hangout spots.

Wondering where to get started? We have you covered! Our L.A. Model’s Guide to Los Angeles is the perfect beginning to dip your toes into the best Los Angeles has to offer.


Let us start with beautiful views and relaxation. When it comes to Malibu, the amazing views begin on the drive there – do not forget to look out the window and see the coast and skyline as you go! Once you arrive, make sure to visit the adorable and quaint Malibu Beach Pier. At the end of the pier is the Malibu Farm Pier Café, which is the perfect spot to grab casual lunch or coffee. Savor the ocean view while you eat, and head down for a relaxing beach stroll when you are finished.

Santa Monica

With gorgeous beaches, scenic hikes, and gourmet restaurants… There is no doubt that Santa Monica is next on our guide to Los Angeles. No visit to Santa Monica is complete without a stroll around the Santa Monica Pier. A Los Angeles treasure since the early 1900s, the pier is home to roller coasters, a larger-than-life Ferris wheel, and some yummy fair-style food.

Santa Monica is also known for its bright and exceptional murals – so do not hesitate to snap a photo with each one as you go! As models, there is certainly no shame in that game. While exploring, go ahead and grab a made-from-scratch donut from the famous Side Car Doughnuts shop while you are at it (Huckleberry is their signature flavor!).


Once you are done exploring Santa Monica, an hour stroll – or shorter by bike ride or Uber – brings you to the infamous and eclectic Venice Beach Boardwalk. Venice creates a casual and funky vibe with street vendors and performers filling the streets (magic, break-dancing… they really have it all!) and souvenir and t-shirt shops around every corner.

If you are looking to be active, rent a bike or rollerblades and enjoy miles of paved bike paths around Venice Beach. Venice is flat and makes getting around by bike or blades quick and easy. A few rest-stops worth noting on the journey? Check out AmazeBowls for delicious acai creations in coconuts shells or the Rose Cafe for all-day Californian fare. You might as well eat healthy while in Venice – what other beach has a whole gym on it?

Downtown LA

Last on our guide to Los Angeles (but certainly not least!) is a peak at L.A. nightlife. Before dancing the night away, visit Perch LA – a French-inspired rooftop bistro designed with unobstructed views of Downtown Los Angeles. After dinner, put on your dancing shoes and head over to Exchange LA. Home to what used to be the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, Exchange LA has undergone nearly two years of renovations to pay homage to its rich and lavish Art Deco past.

Nightclubs not your scene? The Varnish is sure to deliver with handcrafted custom cocktails in a dark and moody speakeasy hidden behind Cole’s Bar. With meticulously constructed cocktails and a focus on thoughtful service and hospitality, a good time is guaranteed.

When it comes to Los Angeles, the recommendations never end. For the sake of a blog post and not a novel, these spots top our list in the L.A. Model’s Guide to Los Angeles. From sightseeing and eating to cocktail bars and nightclubs, L.A. has you covered. There really is something for everyone in “La La Land”.


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Morey Spellman is a Los Angeles based fashion photographer. 
His work combines a love for beautiful light, authentic beauty, and natural scenery.