9 Tips for Shooting Models Outdoors

We're back with more tips for shooting models outdoors. Being on location provides a certain freedom for photographers and models to work with different environments, elements, and circumstances that they might not normally find in the studio. Having a successful shoot can come down to a number of factors and knowing what (or what not to do) is important. Without further ado here are 9 more tips for shooting models (or really just anyone) outdoors.

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5 Fashion Photographers You Should Know (and Why)

The fashion industry is face-paced and always changing. In an industry that is continuously evolving, fashion photographers are essential in bringing the latest styles and trends to consumers around the world. Behind every fashion magazine spread and style campaign is a brilliant fashion photographer who brought together the right fashion, the right models, and the right locations.

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12 Tips Fashion Photographers using Instagram

Instagram has changed a lot in the past year with new algorithms, new content opportunities, stories, and live videos, just to name a few features. Although Instagram’s organic reach isn’t as great as it once was a few years ago, the platform can still be a key component of any photographer’s business. Here are seven tips to help photographers get more exposure on Instagram.

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6 Tips for Working with Agency Models 

I was recently asked by an aspiring fashion photographer if I had any tips for how to work with agency models. When you’re building your book as a photographer, it’s important to know a few key points that will save you time and aggravation. These can help make your shoots more successful, allow you to continue to work with agencies, and shoot better and better models.

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7 Ways You Can Achieve Better Poses (For Models and Photographers) by Morey Spellman

You’re a model or photographer, you're in the middle of the shoot, and you're stuck. You’re thinking: How can I get a better pose? How can I make this picture shine?

This is something I've struggled with in my own work, having repetitive or simple posing, so I thought I'd write a blog post to help out new photographers and models that are in a similar spot. Here’s my tips for more natural poses that can help you get “unstuck”.

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Stellar Shoot Tips For Outdoor Photography Portraits

The great outdoors. There’s something special about shooting photographs outside. Mini adventures with great friends are always a good time, add photos into the mix and I’m sold.

If you’re like me, you enjoy the occasional studio shoot, but spend enough time inside. When it’s time to hit the beach, forest, desert, or snow, you’re excited to get out and shoot. A good location can add magic to an image, especially when combined with the right time of day or the right talent.

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