4 Posing Tips for Non-Models  

4 Posing Tips for Non-Models

 Shooting photos as a professional model may feel like a breeze. Models know how to move their bodies and change their facial expressions in the right way, at the right time. However, not every photographer works with professional models and not every person in front of the camera is a professional model. Many times, day-to-day photoshoots include people who are not trained as models. They rely on photographers (and blogs like this!) to guide them and create photos they will cherish forever.

Although a photographer’s will help prepare, position, and pose clients to make them look their absolute best - it is also in your best interest to know tips and tricks to make yourself look amazing in front of the camera. Whether you are behind the camera or in the spotlight, check out these 4 posing tips to ensure your next photoshoot looks like something from a magazine.

Hair Matters

Although most people do not consider hair a part of the body, posing of the hair is crucial to a successful photoshoot. No matter how great someone poses, a bad hair day will be the first thing people notice when looking at the photos. It is important to make sure your hair is styled and positioned to perfection. Whether behind the shoulders, in front of the shoulders, or in a cute bun or bob – make sure everyone is having a good hair day (or at least make sure to fake it for the photos!).

Pull The Chin (And Ears) Forward

When posing the actual face, people tend to lower their chin and tuck it inwards. After all, everyone tells you to go for the natural, relaxed look – right? Unfortunately, this relaxed pose does not look flattering in photos. Photographers guide models to move their chin and ears forward. Although it may feel unnatural when posing this way, it looks very natural and flattering in photos.

 Arm and Hand Movement

Now that your hair and face look their best, what should you do with your body? It is easy to just relax your arms by your side, with your hands pressed against your body. However, this will make your arms and hands look much larger than they really are (remember the old saying: the camera adds 10 pounds!). Try to keep your hands in a floating position, allowing a little bit of space between your arms, hands, and body. It can be helpful to put your hand(s) on your hips, under your chin, or place them on a table or nearby platform.

Direct, Do Not Pose

Last but not least, it is important to realize the difference between directing and posing. As a non-model, you may be somewhat shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Photographers moving you from one pose to another will likely feel mechanical and awkward. Instead of formally posing everyone in front of the camera, photographers should simply direct their movements as the shoot goes. As a non-model, ask the photographer if he or she can simply talk and guide you through the motions, instead of physically moving you from one pose to another. As the photoshoot progresses, the photographer’s guidance with different poses will hopefully feel more natural.

With these 4 posing techniques under your belt, you are now ready to rock a photoshoot! Pay attention to your hair, pull your chin forward, keep your hands and arms a few inches from your body, and allow the photographer to guide you – not pose you. If you are a photographer reading this, consider adding these techniques to your website or consultation. If you are a non-model, practice these steps in front of a mirror so they feel more natural in the spotlight.

Lights, camera, action!